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  • What is The Drawing Desk?
    The Drawing Desk is a Digital Comic Publishing company. We Makes webtoon and digital comics that are fun, humorous and positive to inspire both new and old comic fans. My titles are Original. The Drawing Desk focuses on the Storyline and Characters. We have a blog "Ink Blots" to keep you in on what's going on in the comic industry. We don't pander, or "sellout" our audience. We want to give people to best were able to do without big companies or Hollywood's influences.
  • What's your latest Project?
    Introducing the latest project - Superior Phalanx. This is not just another superhero story, it's a tale of hope, perseverance, and the ultimate triumph of good over evil. For the citizens of Capital City and beyond, Superior Phalanx represents the only hope against the forces of darkness. At the heart of this epic adventure is Sean Faraday, the ultimate underdog. Granted powers beyond his wildest dreams, Sean's only desire was to join the greatest supergroup in the city. But instead of acceptance, he faced rejection, hate, and jealousy. But Sean's story is not one of defeat. Witness his rise from underdog to leader of the greatest super team ever formed. Discover the true reason behind the origin of these incredible powers. Superior Phalanx is not just a comic book, it's a journey. Join us as we explore the struggles and sacrifices that real heroes make when the call for a defender is needed. This is a story that will stay with you long after you turn the final page. Don't miss out on this unforgettable adventure. Get your copy of Superior Phalanx today and experience the ultimate superhero story. I finished Publishing Two E-books, One is Called "Fraud Exposed: Protecting against Deception and Scams" A groundbreaking masterpiece that delves into the intricate world of fraud. The E-Book is now available on all platforms including here on the site check it out in the Digital Books page! The Other E-book is a second part called "Scam Prevention: Empowering Individuals to Stay One Step Ahead of Fraudsters". The Book explores the process of investigating Scams and provides you with the knowledge and tools to protect yourself from Scams! If you read my Author page your would know how much I know on the subject. Grab both of these Books at the Digital Books Page or at your favorite E-Books Platform! I am writing a new comic series that ties directly into the Superior Phalanx Universe called SigmaGirl! SigmaGirl is a woman who embarks on a self-discovery on who she is and more importantly what is her purpose. Let me tell you there aren't many comic series out there that represents the female hero properly. SigmaGirl is about finding your own strength within. Accepting what boundaries you have and using that as your strength. I first created SigmaGirl in the RPG City of Heroes and trust me this is a female hero that we were meant to see. Look out and support SigmaGirl once it hits this website and other E-Book platforms!
  • Any Sales or Discounts available?
    Subscribe and Become a Drawing Desk Member. When you Subscribe you get earn points, get the latest news and obtain some of the sweetest deals. Customers earn Drawing Desk Coins by taking actions on the website, such as making a purchase or signing up as a member. When you accumulate enough points, they can redeem these for rewards. Rewards offer benefits, such as a % discount on a purchase, or free shipping and more!
  • What are the differences between Signing up on the Contact me, Obtaining Loyalty Points and Becoming a Member?
    The Contact me page: When you sign up on the contact me page you will receive deals via e-mail. you will also receive e-mails for discounts of products at the Merchandise page This option is Free to people however you must sign up though your e-mail address. If you like to see my deals go here. Drawing Desk Coin Holders: When you sign up for Drawing Desk Coins you get points for just visiting and using the website. Your points are used to obtain discounts at our Merchandise and Digital Books page. You will have to sign up under the Loyalty Rewards Page to receive these benefits. This option is Free to people who sign up at that page. You can obtain Drawing Desk Coins by going here. Drawing Desk Members: When you sign up as Drawing Desk Member you have access to the blog pages and everything the site has to offer. You automatically receive Drawing Desk Coins for visiting and using the website. As a member you get a certain amount of Loyalty Points per month according to your Tier 1 is only $1 to join (you will receive 5 Drawing Desk Coins), Tier 2 and Tier 3 Members are yearly memberships and will receive a higher Drawing Desk Coins per month. Your points are used to obtain discounts at our Merchandise and Digital Books page. Drawing Desk Members will also have access to all Drawing Desk Digital Comics. To sign up as a member you must sign up as a monthly subscriber. Become a member here.
  • How can I support The Drawing Desk?
    1) Become a Drawing Desk Member by signing up! Earn points that can be used later on. Tier 1, 2 or Tier 3 provides me with the means to continue with weekly Blogs, podcast and offer other discounts! 2)Follow me on VERO, X , or Discord. Don't forget to like and share your Post! 3) Share Links on my social media post and encourage membership! Membership is important if people are looking for a private community where social media or other websites are not controlling your views or post. The comic titles can also be purchase on other platforms like Amazon, Apple books, Kobo, Barnes and Noble or any of your favorite E-book App! 4) Check out and purchase my merchandise on site. ​
  • What are the benefits of joining a private community?
    When you join other social media platforms you will receive the following: 1. Personalized Advertising: Social media platforms analyze your activity, interests, and demographic information to deliver targeted advertisements. They use algorithms to track your online behavior and show you ads that align with your preferences. 2. Data Analytics: Social media platforms gather and analyze user data to gain insights into user behavior, trends, and preferences. This information helps them improve their services, develop new features, and optimize user experience. 3. User Profiling: Social media platforms create profiles based on your activity, interests, and interactions. These profiles are used to categorize users into specific groups for targeted marketing purposes. 4. Data Sharing with Third Parties: Social media platforms may share your information with third-party companies for advertising, research, or other purposes. This can include sharing your data with advertisers, data brokers, or analytics firms. 5. Information Storage: Social media platforms store your personal information, including your name, email address, location, and other details you provide. This data is used to identify and authenticate users, personalize content, and facilitate communication. 6. Privacy Concerns: There have been instances where social media platforms have faced criticism for mishandling user data or privacy breaches. It is important to review and understand the privacy policies and settings of each platform to control the information you share and protect your privacy. Joining The Drawing Desk's private community gives you NONE of those problems. You will have access to exclusive content such as videos, and member only content, discounts on products and services, and a supportive community of like-minded creatives. As a member, you will also be able to network with other artists writers or fans of pop culture and have access to a community forum where you can ask questions and get feedback from our experts. With The Drawing Desk you receive an AD-FREE experience. Your data will NOT be sold or shared to anyone.
  • How Can I get an Honorable Mention in the Comic?
    The Drawing Desk wants to recognize members who goes hard! To receive an Honorable Mention in the next and every E-book Published all you need to do is Support The Drawing Desk by 1) Becoming a monthly subscriber Drawing Desk Member and choosing at least a member tier 2. Creating a user ID and Password as a Drawing Desk Member under a Tier 2 or 3 on this site. That's it! Your name will appear on the Honorable Mentions page on this site and the next E-book the drawing Desk Publishes. Thank you for Supporting The Drawing Desk!
  • Why download or Webcomics?
    With my webcomics you don't have advertisements. Webcomics never gets damage and doesn't take up space. If you're not close to a comic store this is an easy way to access comics. My comics are exclusively for members only online. You can download my comics on your favorite platform like Apple Books, Smashwords, Barnes and Nobles and other cool E-Book apps. Some Countries don't have the convenience of heading to a comic bookstore. With Webcomics it's basically about convenience, space saving, easy accessibly and cost effective.
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